Hai, welcome to my website. There isn't much here right now, but I might add more eventually.


Hai, my name is Jack and I'm from the UK. I was born 26-02-2006 and I'm currently in my second year of college studying T-Level software development. I tend to go by they/them.

I'm into just about anything involving computers. I usually program in my spare time as well as play games, but honestly, gaming feels more like I'm doing it since I have nothing better to do than because I actually enjoy it as much.

Currently, I'm working as part of the IT team at an architecture firm for my course. It's pretty boring and I spend 90% of my time doing tech support which isn't exactly my kind of job (I don't like dealing with people), but I suppose it's beter than doing nothing and at least I can say I have experience which might help later on.

The main reason I made this website is that this year my course is focusing mainly on web development, so I thought I would make my own website since I might as well get some practice with this sort of thing, and it feels like I've done nothing but Python for years.

I do want to change this site and make it look better, but I'm not sure exactly how I want it to look yet so it's going to stay like this for the time being.


If, for some reason, you want to chat, feel free to message me on Discord @ nobodyspecial57. I'm fairly active there and will probably respond pretty soon.


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You can view my pronouns page here


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